Steady as she goes.

  The Reserve Bank  today has again left the official cash rate on hold at historical low rates.  And while the future is never certain, the forecast is to remain relatively steady  at these rates for some time.  So now is the time to review your financial position  to take advantage of this. So whether you… Read More

Month in Review April 2015 – Herron White Todd report

The Herron White Todd April month in review report has been released. The opener this month is “The Australian desire for dirt is both deep rooted and resonant. Land is the tangible foundation of our industry and endeavors.” Which sets the flavour for the report. Elkins Finance is a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser and available to… Read More

What would a better home loan do for you?

You have probably seen the flyers and offers promoting a home loan health check, and perhaps wondered what it actually is and if it has any relevance for you. Elkins Finance is a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser and available to talk you through a home loan health check if you are interested after reading this article,… Read More

The Property Market – do you have a plan?

In the Sunday Age, 8/2/15,Mark Bouris writes on the property market with a focus on the factors you can control.These are loan affordability and buying well. The Reserve Bank has set the low-interest rate environment for 2015. Now it is your turn to take control: focus on loan affordability, and buying well. In all property markets, these are still the basics of getting it… Read More

Measure to fit – how to get the right loan for you.

As well as interest rates being at historic lows, therefore  a great time to look for a loan to purchase a home, refinance or invest, there continue to be a range of special incentives from different lenders. Examples include Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) for $1 where certain criteria are met, an interest rate offer of 4.39% (4.4%… Read More