Where Can I Get Finance For A Small Business?

Many people in Australia dream of running their own small business but four out of five never do it. If you’ve got a good idea, develop a business plan, then talk to Elkins Finance about your small business finance options. Elkins Finance is a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser and available to assist you  if you want to follow up… Read More

Business Plans and Business Loans

Seeking finance to expand or start your business is an exciting step, and like all business owners, Elkins Finance is aware of the importance of getting this step right. The ute pictured is a recent business equipment addition for us. (The dog we already had) Preparing a detailed business plan will inform the lender about your… Read More

Time to Grow Your Business? Applying for a loan

Applying for a business loan can be intimidating to borrowers new to the process, however, with a finance broker such as Elkins Finance, to assist to navigate the way, the loan application process is fairly straightforward.  Although the specific steps can vary from lender to lender and business to business, most business and commercial financing… Read More