Depending on your situation we have Home Loans commencing from  3.64% with comparison rate of 3.64% 

Investment rates are from 3.94% with a comparison rate of 3.94%

Based in Melbourne, with an office in Blackburn, but fully mobile and flexible  to suit you. Call 1300 355 467 or use the contact us form to request we contact you.

Buying a home ranks very highly on the list of life’s stressors – however it is also one of the most exciting and rewarding.

You will be doing a lot of leg work in buying a home. We do all we can to minimise the effort you need to go through on the finance side. We will provide a range of helpful information that best suits your particular circumstances and location.

We will reduce the stress involved so you can maximise the excitement!

To give you an idea of what we do with you below is a description of our process.

Initial Consultation

  • where we work with you to identify:
  • your immediate finance needs
  • your medium and long term finance goals
  • your priorities and your key frustrations
  • what you ideally seek from your preferred lending partner


Our team of experts then:

  • Ascertain your borrowing suitability
  • Research appropriate home loan options
  • Shortlist and compare lending options that best suit YOU
  • Document and validate their recommendations

Follow up Meeting

At our Final Meeting we present our recommendations and proceed to:

  • Prepare, then submit your loan application
  • Actively manage the application process to ensure that all milestones are met in a timely fashion
  • Actively manage the settlement process to ensure that your loan settles on time, as agreed


Client for Life

As a Lifetime Client, we guarantee to:

Check in with you 6 weeks after loan settlement

Maintain accurate, up-to-date, confidential records

  • Keep you up to date each month through our client newsletter
  • Complete a complimentary Annual Home Loan Health Check and make appropriate recommendations


Contact us for more information or to make an appointment

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