Herron Todd White Month in Review October 2017

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The October Herron Todd White report shows that  property markets are proving dynamic as we venture towards the end of 2017. Numbers show Sydney and Melbourne are running at a slower pace while Hobart has proved to be a shining star​,​ based on its latest results around capital gains.

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In the same way our markets continue to shift, so too​, our housing evolves. Given how varied landscapes, economic bases and population demand are across this country, it’s no wonder housing is also a mixed bag. The Herron Todd White team have taken the time to tackle the evolution, and future, of housing in their service areas.

Anyone interested in the office sector won’t want to miss the commercial contribution this month. They are providing one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date conversations on office rentals available anywhere – and it’s all localised. This is a ‘must have’ issue if you’re operating in this space.
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