Is it worth refinancing?


In the last month Elkins Finance have settled loans that have made a huge difference for our clients:

  • In one case we saved our client $300/month on a car loan over the finance originally set in place by a dealer
  • In another case saved $1200/month on outgoings by a home refinance with debt consolidation – the savings can be used to put back into the loan to reduce the term or improve their lifestyle in other ways!

The decision to refinance is made when consumers realise their current loan is no longer best suited to their financial situation. Wanting a better interest rate, consolidating all debts into one and equity access are just some of the reasons why people choose to do so. Before going ahead with the decision, make sure you’ve done your homework and sought professional advice, for  a free no obligation assessment of what you could save call 1300 355 467 (1300 Elkins) or use the contact us form to request we contact you to see if it’s the right choice for you. 

Depending on your situation we have Home Loans commencing from 3.89% with a comparison rate of 3.89%

Investment rates are from 3.99% with a comparison rate of 4.02%

How does your current loan compare?

Once you’ve made the decision to refinance, it is imperative to thoroughly consider all the options available to you, to ensure that it is a worthwhile process to undergo. With the competitiveness of the market, there are constantly offers available that cater to all purposes of refinancing. Elkins Finance will assess these for you.