Herron Todd White Month in Review February 2017


According to the Herron Todd White experts  Australian real estate is a collection of sub-markets. It’s a broad range of locations, price points and property types that move to their own groove. With this sort of backdrop, the best way to get a handle on what’s happening is to ask local experts with a nuanced view. It turns out Herron Todd White is the right place to find these folk. As they’ve done in years past, February is the moment where they ask their experts to pop on their gypsy garb, gaze upon their property rune stones and let us know what they think about the coming year. It’s a rare thing to have valuers make predictions, so best you jump onto it before they go to ground!

Come December, they’ll ask each office to have a look back at these submissions and give an analysis on how their predictions performed… so this is part one of a long-term test for the experts.

For those interested in commercial markets, they’re serving up the industrial sector, and it’s another chance to look at 2017 in detail. The professionals are dishing up on where to buy industrial investments that will look good come years end. They’ve also expanded to let you know where rents are on the up, and, even more importantly, what to avoid.

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