Herron Todd White March Month In Review

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It’s been and engaging few months in property with issues such as negative gearing and affordability dominating headlines and stirring plenty of discussion. We’re also closing in on a Federal election – the date had not been set as at the time of writing but it’s increasingly looking like July, which means policy around all the major issue issues, including property, is about to start flowing thick and fast.

In this month’s issue of Month In Review, Herron Todd White have put the spotlight on gentrification and delved into areas on a centre-by-centre basis where upgrades are driving real estate prices and rents. This is a comprehensive guide that shouldn’t be ignored.

In addition, the 2016 office market comes under scrutiny from the professionals. A look at prices, rents and yields that anyone with an interest in this sector will find compelling.

Link on the cover shot above to access the full report to keep you informed.

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