Month in Review – Herron White Todd – September 2015

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To assist your property buying journey – we have the September Herron White Todd month in review. Click on the picture to link to the full report .If you would like further information on what to do with this information, call Elkins Finance 1300 355 467 or use the contact us form to request we contact you.

Our parents and those before all wanted their place called home, and more often than not the desire for a bit of yard ‘the kids can run around in’ was part of the package. Towards the later part of the 1900s and into the 2000s, unit living increased in popularity. The Herron Todd White team have been given open slather to tell us all about their attached housing markets, which are as diverse as the weather than runs the length and breadth of this great southern land. From single room flats with main road views, right through to penthouses on high with more opulence than a Saudi Prince’s 21st Birthday. Fortunately Herron Todd White has a lot of people who are specialists in their particular sector and can wax lyrical on all sorts of attached housing. It’s a timely subject too. Investors have been flocking to capital cities and securing off-the-plan property they hope will pay handsome long term dividends, but news about oversupply runs rife in many real estate reporting pages. This month’s edition of Month In Review addresses what’s happening on the ground, and also demonstrates that not all housing sits in those tall towers yet to be built. There are opportunities elsewhere and we have the roadmap. So whether you’re keen on a unit, apartment, townhouse, villa, condo, co-op, penthouse, crash pad or suite, we’ve got a local professional ready to feed you the info to make your attached housing dream investment a reality.