Month in Review August 2015 – Herron White Todd report

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.20.47 amEnjoy this months Herron Todd White month in review, Click the picture to access the full report.

The building industry has overtaken mining in many respects as the economic powerhouse sector of Australia. You might be the sort who counts the number of cranes on a city skyline, or the rapid growth of new residential estates. It’s obvious that building plays a major role in employment in our country, and its influence is not slowing.

This month, the Herron White Todd residential offices have provided their overview of house construction costs around the nation. They’ve also looked back to the last time they covered this topic in 2009 so as to demonstrate how costs have moved over the past six years.

The commercial team have kept with this theme and given their assessment of where new industrial development is underway, and the cost of construction within this sector.

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