Short term thinking = long term problems

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.18.54 pmFollowing the Christmas season and moving into the New Year everyone is very aware of having less in the bank and more in the stomach. Most resolutions are around reversing both of these situations. However the wrong steps can result in you being in the same place next year – or in a worse position.

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Sam de Brito in The Age on Sunday 4th January targeted  the new wave of micro-lending companies offering small, short-term loans to cash-strapped Aussies, many under the age of 30, the majority living pay cheque to pay cheque.This payday loan culture was portrayed as particularly targeting those who where most at risk by entering this short term solution to the immediate problem of not having enough cash.

By having a full assessment of your situation you can develop a long term plan to move beyond the pay to pay juggle. This may involve a restructure of how your finances are arranged currently to reduce the interest charged – particularly if you have used this type of loan previously, or some advice on how to obtain an loan that doesn’t take advantage of your situation and some practical budget advise.