The last of the great Aussie Muscle cars

The sound of the FGX XR8 is revving up car buyers everywhere. Having pre-approved finance both strengthens your position when trying to secure something in short supply – and will cost you less. Think the dealership finance schemes sound cheap? Let us run a comparison for you and you can decide.

2 thoughts on “The last of the great Aussie Muscle cars

  1. Am interested in purchasing a new xr8 falcon sedan when released. What terms/rates do you currently have available?

  2. Thanks Josh,

    We have terms from 1 to 5 years, either with or without residual so we can tailor it a loan to you. We also have a range of Lo Doc options for ABN holders if you are one.

    As for rates they are at historic lows, and we are very competitive right now, but they do vary a little depending upon your circumstances. Also remember other fees and charges can make a perceived low rate expensive.

    Perhaps give us a call directly , and we can talk through what’s right for you.


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